Aug 31, 2012

Must do - School Holidays Activities !

Wuhuu school holidays is around the corner ! Kawan-kawan, cepat listkan activities musim cuti !
Here some suggestions : 


#1 Genting International Magic Festival 2012
Siapa yang tak sukakan magic ? Everyone love it even you know that it's all about the tricks . 
So ? Feel and enjoy the life magic show..  

More info HERE
Review my experience HERE



#2 Bubbles & Bites


Overview of the Bubbles & Bites

                                     One of the fantasic menu : Tantalising Meatballs

More Info HERE

#3 Genting Mooncakes

The colourful Mooncakes !
More Info HERE


#4 Genting Theme Park

The must visit ! I've been there, and it was really fun. Even dah datang 2 3 times, try the same games, tak kan jemu plus mesti nak lagi dan lagi.. Serius babe.

 Hye, cute mascots ! 

First time jejak kaki kat Genting ni, of course under Nuffnang and Resort World Genting.
First time jugak masuk theme park dengan bloggers lain after event Charity Movie Screening with the kids !
Jemputlah datang :D

More Info HERE

Jangan berlengah ! Go pack your things and visit Genting !


amy azuha said...

lets legoland pulak hehe

_NisaFuzi_ said...

haha tu la. bile tahh

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