Aug 31, 2012

The Magicians Exciting, Stunning Action (2) - Superstars of Magic 2

Hye ! bersambung dari entry sebelumnya, presented the other magicians at the Superstars of Magic 2 : 

Sos & Tigran Junior “World's Youngest Manipulation Artists”


 Magicians termuda yang cute ! ehem ehem. Every steps that he take was so smooth. Dah macam penari cemerlang !

Nestor Hato “France's Card Manipulation Champion”

He experts in manipulated the cards. Mainan mata ! 

Christian Lindemann “Europe's Best Pickpocket”

The expert pocket man ! sekelip mata SEMUA barang dalam poket audience ni, ada dalam tangan beliau !

Charlie Frye & Co “World’s Best Variety Act”

JC Sum & Magic Babe Ning “The Grand Illusionists”

Watch the pictures carefully

She's at the top.

Zam zam ala kazam !

Taraa ! Can you see that ! And its happened in a second !

Experience the real magicians' life ! 

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