Aug 31, 2012

Must do - School Holidays Activities !

Wuhuu school holidays is around the corner ! Kawan-kawan, cepat listkan activities musim cuti !
Here some suggestions : 


#1 Genting International Magic Festival 2012
Siapa yang tak sukakan magic ? Everyone love it even you know that it's all about the tricks . 
So ? Feel and enjoy the life magic show..  

More info HERE
Review my experience HERE



#2 Bubbles & Bites


Overview of the Bubbles & Bites

                                     One of the fantasic menu : Tantalising Meatballs

More Info HERE

#3 Genting Mooncakes

The colourful Mooncakes !
More Info HERE


#4 Genting Theme Park

The must visit ! I've been there, and it was really fun. Even dah datang 2 3 times, try the same games, tak kan jemu plus mesti nak lagi dan lagi.. Serius babe.

 Hye, cute mascots ! 

First time jejak kaki kat Genting ni, of course under Nuffnang and Resort World Genting.
First time jugak masuk theme park dengan bloggers lain after event Charity Movie Screening with the kids !
Jemputlah datang :D

More Info HERE

Jangan berlengah ! Go pack your things and visit Genting !

The Magicians Exciting, Stunning Action (2) - Superstars of Magic 2

Hye ! bersambung dari entry sebelumnya, presented the other magicians at the Superstars of Magic 2 : 

Sos & Tigran Junior “World's Youngest Manipulation Artists”


 Magicians termuda yang cute ! ehem ehem. Every steps that he take was so smooth. Dah macam penari cemerlang !

Nestor Hato “France's Card Manipulation Champion”

He experts in manipulated the cards. Mainan mata ! 

Christian Lindemann “Europe's Best Pickpocket”

The expert pocket man ! sekelip mata SEMUA barang dalam poket audience ni, ada dalam tangan beliau !

Charlie Frye & Co “World’s Best Variety Act”

JC Sum & Magic Babe Ning “The Grand Illusionists”

Watch the pictures carefully

She's at the top.

Zam zam ala kazam !

Taraa ! Can you see that ! And its happened in a second !

Experience the real magicians' life ! 

For further information, please visit website at or contact hotline: 03-27181118.
Genting International Magic Festival URL Link:

Aug 29, 2012

The Magicians Exciting, Stunning Action - Superstars of Magic 2

Continued from the previous entry. Relax your eyeballs and enjoy the magicians actions ! 
Presented the world most popular magicians : 

Dean Gunnarson - World's Greatest Escape Artist 

The barrel was locked up.

He trying to escape.

And taraaaa ! He managed to get out less than 2 minutes !

Sos & Victoria Petrosyan - World's Best Quick Change Act
My favourite ! Sekelip mata bertukar ke pakaian lain !

Bertukar !

Bertukar !

The most wowww part !

The amazing bridal dress within a second !

Chipper Lowell - Stage Comedy Magician of the Year
The hilarious man. 

He managed to guess the card hold by one of the audience and present it on the combination of blocks !

Experience yourself ! Click here to check the ticket price. 

To be continue. Stay tune :)

Riang Ria Hari Raya

Terpampang di bawah gambar berbaju kurung di petang raya. Hari raya pertama bersiap kemain, alih-alih duduk dalam rumah je sebab ramai sangat tetamu. Adik-adik dah tarik muncung sedepa. 

Lokasi kampung halaman Pasir Mas, Kelantan.

Gambar 1 family pun takde tahun ni. Abah busy layan tetamu. Umi busy kat dapur.. Anak-anak lagi busy. Busy bergambar. 

My siblings

Cousin yang perasan handsome. Focus kat baju hitam. Boleh pakai t-shirt dengan alasan baju melayu tertinggal kat kolej. 

Me :  Jom la amik gambar.
Him : Kat kolej aku budak2 perempuan berderet nak amik gambar dengan aku.
Me : oh yeke...
Him :Seringgit satu gambar.
Me : laaa kenapa murah sangat ?. 
Him : GRR
Me : HahaHAHA

And lastly...

Tak lain tak bukan. Ehem. Senyuman paling ikhlas.

Superstars of Magic 2 - Genting International Magic Festival 2012

So, did you aware of International Magic Festival held in Genting from 18/08 – 09/09/2012 ?
I was invited to the BIG event, Superstars of Magic 2 at Genting International Showroom.  

The main entrance. Pic credit to plus size kitten. Go visit her blog for more pictures and videos of the tricks !

Standing proudly, all the magicians ! The hilarious magicians ! I can't stop laughing watching their action. Not only as a magicians but they also really good on entertained and joking !

DEAN GUNNARSON “World's Greatest Escape Artist

He survived almost for 2 minutes in the locked up red barrel filled up with water. He trying to open all the lock and at the meantime i was like oh my god, please save him. The most thrilling scene ! 

Sos & Victoria Petrosyan “World’s Best Quick Change Act”

Victoria managed to change every single pieces that she wear in a second ! Just blink your eyes one time and she already changed to new uniform !

Check it out !

Nestor Hato “France's Card Manipulation Champion”

The magicians pictures from ohfishee

Chipper Lowell “Stage Comedy Magician of the Year”

My favourite magicians ! He was so so so hilarious ! 

Getting sweat ? Check out the ticket price .

For booking, enquiries or redemption via GP or WP,
kindly contact (603) 2718 1118

Highlighted here, the show start from 18 August - 9 September 2012 !

Hurry up people ! Book your ticket now ! 

Aug 28, 2012

Genting International Magic Festival 2012

Hye peeps ! Did you aware of Genting new event this month ?

It's the Superstar of Magic 2 !

The magic is back at Genting with Superstars of Magic 2 as 8 new magicians are set to dazzle you with their spectacular acts. Prepare to be amazed once again as they perform their grand illusions so fast, your mind will tell you they’re real. Don’t miss these renowned award-winning magicians as they set out to amaze you with their stunning and extravagant performance once again at Resorts World Genting. 

Presenting the grand illusionists that will astonish you:

“The World’s Greatest Escape Artist” – Dean Gunnarson, 
“The Great Illusionists” – JC Sum and ‘Magic Babe’ Ning, 
“World’s Best Variety Act” – Charlie Frye & Co., 
“Europe’s Best Pickpocket Artist” - Christian Lindemann,
“Stage Comedy Magician of the Year” – Chipper Lowell, 
“France’s Card Manipulation Champion” – Nestor Hato, the 
“World’s Best Quick Change Act” – Sos and Victoria Petrosyan, and 
“The World’s Youngest Manipulation Artists” – Sos and Tigran Junior.

Don’t miss out on this chance to witness in person an amazing magical experience. Grab your show tickets now and see if you can tell how they did it.

Date       : 18/08 – 09/09/2012
               : 25/08/2012 (Extra Matinee Show @ 4.00pm)
Time       : 9.00pm
Venue     : Genting International Showroom

Getting excited ? Check out the stunning act >>

More info, visit or direct to the Genting International Magic Festival here
Contact hotline : 03-2718 1118

Once again, don't miss out this chance and meet the hilarious and stunning magicians !

More pictures : >.<  and  >.<

Aug 18, 2012

PRE-RAYA - anak-anak encik fuzi

Tinggal sehari lagi berpuasa. Berpuasa la sebaiknya hari terakhir ni.. 

Dengan semangat raya tak berkobar sangat tahun ni, saya Nur Khairunnisa Binti Mohamad Fuzi ingin mengucapkan SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI !

Kami adik-beradik puasa ke 25 dah pakai baju raya, pukul 1 pagi bangun buat bising. Pakai kasut raya siap berjalan dalam rumah. Dah macam kanak-kanak first time dapat kaki semangat nak beraya..

Disebabkan dah pukul 1 pagi, semua berani duduk dalam dapur je sebab umi ada kat dapur. Jadinya gambar semua berlatarbelakangkan dapur.. 


Aug 13, 2012

The New SnowWorld, Genting Highlands

Hye ! 
Di highlightkan di sini, NEW snow world. Buat insan yang tak mampu nak menjelajah luar negara nak merasa salji, kat Malaysia pun ada salji dengan suhu -6°C ! Seriously.

Ada apa dengan Snow World baru ni ?

6 words.

Fantasi keajaiban dan kayangan di puncak !


1) The Winter Downtown + World Heritage Concept  

Romantik, berlatarkan bangunan ala-ala Inggeris. Disimbah dengan cahaya lampu.Menggambarkan konsep pusat bandar musim sejuk.

2) LED Light Animation Scheme

Perubahan Snow World siang ke malam.

3) Lookout Point

Perhatikan gambar sedalam-dalamnya. Pemandangan yang sangat woww. Naik tangga untuk ke Istana yang menghadap pemandangan bandar.

4) Warm House

Rumah istirehat  setelah penat meneroka Snow World boleh lah berhenti di Warm House.

5) Ice Sculpture + Play Slide + Cresta Run Slide + Snowball Time

The most exciting area ! Anda boleh bergolek-golek, bermain salji, bermain gelongsor salji, dan yang paling membahagikan, perang salji ! tu pun kalau baling asyik kena la bukan asyik TERkena.

Dah dapat feel sekarang ? 

So, where is this awesome place located ? 
-Level T2A, First World Plaza, Genting Highlands

Harga tiket : 

Termasuk jaket, boots and gloves .

Normal (RM)
Genting Rewards Card (RM)
Child / Senior Citizen

It's really worth it. Please put it on your travel list !

Website :
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