Aug 29, 2012

The Magicians Exciting, Stunning Action - Superstars of Magic 2

Continued from the previous entry. Relax your eyeballs and enjoy the magicians actions ! 
Presented the world most popular magicians : 

Dean Gunnarson - World's Greatest Escape Artist 

The barrel was locked up.

He trying to escape.

And taraaaa ! He managed to get out less than 2 minutes !

Sos & Victoria Petrosyan - World's Best Quick Change Act
My favourite ! Sekelip mata bertukar ke pakaian lain !

Bertukar !

Bertukar !

The most wowww part !

The amazing bridal dress within a second !

Chipper Lowell - Stage Comedy Magician of the Year
The hilarious man. 

He managed to guess the card hold by one of the audience and present it on the combination of blocks !

Experience yourself ! Click here to check the ticket price. 

To be continue. Stay tune :)

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